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Photo restoration prices for each restoration level

For those people, who specialize in photo business it is not a surprising secret that photo restoration prices are in the list of the highest retouching rates. Every professional picture restoration costs not less than $15. The limit for photograph restoration prices is indefinite. But still why is it so?  Why photo repair services are so expensive? Is it reasonable to pay such considerable sums of money? 

To find all answers about photo restoration pricing let`s look through every level of antique photo restoration from standard to advanced one. Certainly photo restoration cost is different for each level due to a specific number of used repairing options. Every client that asks for old picture saving is eager to get cheap photo restoration. But still all photos that are presented to our photo manipulators have varied range of detriments and degrees of damaging. In order to make lives of customers obviously simpler, we have organized all provided picture repairing techniques into three restoration levels with a certain range of options to save your photography. So, what do they contain and what is the difference between them?

Standard restoration level

It is a bright example of photo restoration cost that will be suitable for every person. The rate for ready photography is only $25.  Picture restoration prices for standard level are truly pocket-friendly. Maybe this fact has made this level to be so widely-ordered. But still we are more than sure that this level has great photo restoration pricing, because well-qualified photo editors spend the smallest amount of time to restore such images. As a rule on this level we are ordered to colorize old photos online or to remove some little dust spots or teas. All these issues are so common that we almost face no difficulties to eliminate them from precious antique photography. Basic photo enhancement service is also provided on this standard level, but only concerning skin editing and teeth brightening. That is why it is a definite cheap photo restoration. In practice if your images are not in extremely bad condition and you are eager to find reasonable picture restoration prices, standard restoring that is a perfect choice for you. But still what if you will not get satisfied by these options? What picture restoration prices should you expect then? How much does photo restoration cost in this case?

Premium Photo restoration

That is believed to be a golden middle concerning image repairing levels. Surely photo restoration prices are higher in comparison with Standard level, but the number of used options is also wider. You will pay $25. So, what will our qualified photo manipulators do to restore photograph on this level?

The first reason why photo restoration cost for Premium level is higher is that it already includes “standard restoration” as well as various added repairing options. On this level we will pay more attention to every little photography detail in order not to make crucial mistakes concerning saved outcomes. Having chosen Premium level you will have an opportunity to merge several antique pictures together after they have been repaired. In case you decide to restore damaged photos in order to present them to relatives or colleagues, we will enlarge old photos to a necessary size for them to be framed. To enlarge old black and white photo is also a popular option. And the sphere of retouching old photos on Premium level is much wider. Here we will mask all skin imperfects, make it smooth, add make-up and brighten teeth. For sure, you will be impressed by beauty of a photographed person. Still, this level deals with antique images that are not in extremely bad condition. To get such services you should choose the last and the most advanced Extensive restoration.

Extreme Photo Restoration

Despite the fact that photograph restoration prices are the highest, they are $50, only Extensive restoration provides considerable photo reconstruction. Here all impossible old image problems may be solved. So, what is in the list of Extensive restoration that distinguishes such expensive photo restoration pricing? 

This level is so prominent due to the possibility to fight against deep scratches and huge spots of key photographed details. Sometimes such issues seem to be too hard to deal with, but the professionalism of our photo manipulators cannot be overestimated. So, according to you how much does photo restoration cost that can provide such magic?

How much does photo restoration cost and how to calculate rates?

What factors does photo restoration pricing depend on? The answer cannot be simple. First of all picture restoration prices are distinguished due to the chosen restoration level. As you have seen, Standard level is the cheapest and level of extensive restoring costs the biggest sum of money. Still, these are not the names, but the range of applied repairing techniques that determines photo restoration cost. Turnaround time that is spent to save one image is also of big importance. The algorithm is quite simple. The more repairing options photo manipulators apply, the higher will be photo restoration prices.

In most cases it is impossible to determine what level of restoration and how much will a client pay. To make a right choice there is a need of making a copy in extremely high resolution, as only then all little imperfects will become visible. But still before asking our editors to fix old photos, you can assess the quality of your antique photography and notice all problems that are in need of repairing. Decide whether tears on photography are small, medium or crucial, notice if your image needs extreme colour correction or just basic. That will help you to calculate approximate photograph restoration prices. 

Cheap photo restoration- myth or reality?

Have you ever wonder how much should effective picture repairing cost? It is obvious that if you buy cheaply, you usually pay dearly. If you are really worried about your antique pictures, do not search for cheap photo restoration. As a non-breakable rule, such service does not bring any outstanding photo restoration examples. Disappointingly often customers that have been eager to economize have to reorder picture restoring, because the quality of outcomes is really awful. After getting discouraged in cheap old image repairing, people face the challenge to find a new company that specializes in picture restoring. As a result, they waste twice as much time and spend considerably more money. So, is a thought of economizing on photo restoration still alluring for you? 

We definitely hope that there is no need to pay twice for the same service. It will be better to find really professional and well-known photo repairing company, than to collaborate with questionable agencies with extremely low pricing list. Our image repairing firm has done its best to meet the demands of our dear clients and photo manipulators as well. We have tried to answer tricky questions “How much does photo restoration cost? How is it possible to make it affordable for every person?”

We have worked much to create the most reasonable rates that will be nor low nor expensive. Our prices definitely reflect quality of final renewed images. Believe that our photo editors are the best in this sphere. Collaborating with us will bring you only the most pleasant emotions. Try exactly our services and make sure in it. Remember that you should not economize on precious moments!