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Old picture restore is a special laborious photo repairing service, which main aim is to present antique and already damaged photography with a new and bright life. People, who have made their mind to try photo restore, should certainly know that this kind of image editing is the most advanced among all possible photo improving services. These are the certain number of repairing options and their originality that make this type of retouching so popular, special and the most advanced. Moreover, all described repairing techniques are applied to antique image manually. Thus, time to save one picture may vary from one hour to several working days. This process is truly time-consuming. But still in the past to restore photographs people had to spend even more time. What was it like?

photo-restore-vintage-portrait-before photo-restore-vintage-portrait-after photo-restore-vintage-portrait-png

Many decades ago in case someone wanted to restore damaged photos, in most cases black and white pictures, a skilled photographer with numerous retouching paints in special dark room had to work hard and touch up a photo copy of proper picture. After it one more copy of already made copy was made in order to be repaired. For us this process of restoring photos seems to be quite monotonous and definitely awkward. But in the past people did not have any other opportunities to save their pictures. Such process was far from being cheap. Thus, it cost nearly several hundred dollars. So, only the richest ones could order such professional old picture restore. Those who did not have enough money for it, had to accept the fact of photo restoring impossibility. 

But still, such great sums of money could not guarantee that it was quick to restore photograph. It took much time and was quite unfriendly to environment, as people did not know about digital photo restore at all. All manipulators were taken either on made copy, as we have already described below, or on the original picture. But still the last variant was not very effective and popular. Just imagine that you have only one photo sample and someone promise to improve it with various acids. No wonder that after such repairing a picture may become even more faded or destroyed after it is edited. So, that is believed a very poor and ineffective practice indeed. Fortunately, in our modern world we are familiar to digital photo restore. For contemporary photo manipulators there are no problems to restore old photo online without touching the original picture variant. 

Today digital restoration has become an essential part of image improving services. Now you can scan old photography and do all necessary repairing options on copy with no harm to antique image. So, without any fears you may outsource damaged pictures to have your old photos restored.

Nowadays people realise the genuine value of every old picture. That is why they are ready to ask for only professional photo restoring. But why only professional services are able to save your precious photographed memories? It is not a secret any more that amateur level of every picture editing cannot bring as high-quality outcomes as professional ones. And when you want to have your old photos restored, you do not have any possibility to risk your pictures. Unlike modern photos, such images cannot be remade at all. If you try hobby-life editors, there is a great possibility to damage your pictures even more than they were destroyed before you asked to restore old photos online. 

Each of these old image drawbacks will be thoroughly described below, but before it let`s focus on the possible levels of photo detriment. According to the degree of spoiling, we usually offer our customers either antique photo restoration or photo reconstruction. What is the main difference between these types of restored photography? The first one offers light kind of restoring photos. Such images may have torn boarders, little tears or scratchers. They may have faded colours or not bright colours. The second type of photo restoration services deals with pictures of extreme damages. Such images contain missing parts, deep rips and scratchers on important photo areas or may be torn into different pieces. Very often photos that need picture reconstruction may not look like normal photography at all. So, reconstruction is able to create real repairing magic. 

Certainly, pictures can degrade in a great variety of ways. But still all of possible damages may be classified into three combinations of photo problems that are eliminated if real professionals begin to restore old photos online. They are:

  • Picture fading
  • Colour cast ( in most cases yellowish)
  • Localized spoiling ( damages)

Photo restore as a brilliant way to save old pictures

No matter what age problems we need to eliminate by digital photo restore every process starts with scanning the damaged original variant. This step is believed to be most crucial, as depending on the quality of scanned variant restoration`s potential may be determined. Amateur editors very often do not have professional equipment at disposal. Every scanner setting must enable to do copies of damaged pictures in high resolution. Ideally the speckles of grain and noise must be resolved. Moreover, scans should be at the highest possible photo bit depth. That will help to provide brilliant photo restoring at all possible formats. 

So, what types of aging problems may be solved if you ask to restore old photos? 

Photo restoration services what we provide:

Photo Enhancement ServicesPhoto Enhancement Services
Scratchers eliminatingEnlarge Old Photos
Water Damaged Photo RestorationWater Damaged Photo Restoration
Photo ReconstructionPhoto Reconstruction
Photo Repair ServicesPhoto Repair Services
Retouching Old PhotosRetouching Old Photos
Colorize Old Photos OnlineColorize Old Photos Online
Black and White Photo RestorationBlack and White Photo Restoration
Fix Old PhotosFix Old Photos
Antique Photo RestorationAntique Photo Restoration



Certainly this may be considered to be the most common form of picture degradation. What happens with faded images? Such pictures begin to lose contrast, as black picture colours become less dark and light colours just lose their visible brightness. Fortunately, due to their frequency, problems connected with fading are the most straightforward to counteract. Here the most used option in Photoshop is Level tool. Moreover, to restore old photos our photo manipulators use various Adjustment Layers, Lightning Channel and surely Curves Tool. All of them are able to improve old photography brilliantly. But still all described tools may be also effective and helpful in next techniques that help to restore old photos online.

photo-restore-damaged-portrait-before photo-restore-damaged-portrait-after photo-restore-damaged-portrait-png

Scratchers eliminating

Localized damages are liked to appear in old photos due to ruthless time, improper keeping conditions and other bad conditions. People may observe different imperfections in various forms of dust spots, tears, visible crinkles and strains. Firstly, it may seem that masking various drawbacks is impossible. But a modern process of restoring photos enables to achieve great results. By using effective Healing and Clone brushes picture editors may save your damaged images. Clone Stamp Tool is mostly applied when there is a need to reconstruct some photo areas. It helps to remove a tear or rip by duplicating photographed object. Healing brush helps to do the same, but the only difference is that it only replaces photo texture. For sure to restore photographs with these tools photo manipulators require considerable practice until maximal effect can be achieved. Both of them demand at least two clicks, one on the source and one on the target. So, this process of restoring photos is also not fast. But restored photography after these services looks awesome and definitely mesmerizing. 

Water damage pictures

This kind of photo restore is the part of picture reconstruction, as water may cause truly severe photo destructions. Very often it may be connected with fire damages, as water is the always the first thing to fight fires. After such manipulations photographed faces or body parts may be completely obscured. One more disaster of spoilt pictures is that colors in image can run into each other. In such cases retouchers need time and care to restore old photos online. However, when the damaged picture parts are truly unrecognizable, they may need careful cropping or full reconstruction. 

Reconstruction missing part

Here the most important is to pay attention to the original photo, its feel and look. The highest level of professionalism is when the final picture looks as if it is not reconstructed at all. Remember that not a single evidence of photo restoring should be visible. In case we are asked to restore old photo online with white spots, we may provide arms, hands and faces rebuilding. That requires solid knowledge not only in old picture restore, but also in sophisticated portrait retouching. But still we are always ready to help our customers with this challenging image task. You must be confident that your restored photography will look as if modern one after our services.

Black and white picture restoration

The biggest problem with black and white images is that very often such photos turn unpleasantly yellow due to relentless time and direct sun rays. But still if you outsource your B&W images to our editing company, we will return them with just alluring range of black and white colours. Digital photo restore of this kind although being quite time-taking is very rewarding concerning image outcomes. According to your personal wish we may also colorize old photos online. We will use only the best and the most advanced Photoshop tools to do it as natural as possible. The biggest flop concerning colorizing is not to make such pictures artificial or too bright.

restore-photograph-family-before restore-photograph-family-after

Further picture improving

Photo enhancement service may be also added to the list of old picture restoration. After all missing parts have been successfully added and all rips have been masked, it is high time to provide appearance enhancing. Often people are in need to turn their faded and old images into modern-looking photos. Thus, in order to restore photograph it is not enough to remove all age problems only. Thus, photo repair services also include background editing or even complete changing and various creative picture manipulations. Those people, who do not want to change their images changed in such a drastic way, may choose common portrait improving, as that is also widely used to restore photographs. Believe us, that after it all photographed people will look really appealing.

Still photo restore is not limited by all described repairing services. If needed, we may also enlarge old photos. That will enable to achieve the right photo size. This technique is rather widely-applied as clients need to restore old photo online in order to present family members or friends with brilliantly restored photography. Professionally repaired and framed pictures are the most unusual and touching present that will bring only pleasant emotions. Concerning this aim, our photo manipulators are often asked to enlarge old black and white photo, as such pictures are the most suitable for presents.

Digital photo restore by our prosperous restoration company

If you need to have your damaged old photos restored, our company with a team of skilled editors will restore photograph in the most alluring way for you. We are more than sure that our superb old picture restore will not leave you indifferent. Every time we are ordered to restore photographs we devote enough time to assess the deepness and degree of image spoiling. Without this step we will not be able to provide excellent retouching old photos. After our photo manipulators realize what picture drawbacks must be eliminated, they create a special plan how to restore old photos. Here we decide what repairing tools will be the most helpful and effective in making picture outcome as appealing as possible. We definitely understand that to restore old photo online editors should have solid knowledge in the particular set of Photoshop options and a great level creativity. 

The main reason why we are always eager to fix old photos is a tremendous wish to turn your spoiled and tattered paper memories into modern and fresh one. We are sure that old photos must be carefully preserved for future generation, even if digital pictures are in favor now. Such images are not as valuable as their printed analogs. That is why people do not ask to restore photograph in case it is new. But when it comes to antique pictures, it is hard to explain what we feel when we have our old photos restored. Thus, the choice of repairing agency is a crucial question. But still, if you read this article, it means that you have made just the right decision. 

A lot of years have been devoted to these restoration services. We do not claim that we have achieved perfection and know how to restore old photos in the most striking way. But still, you will not find any other editing company that will treat your old images as carefully as we will do. That is the biggest bonus of your restoration firm. Below you may assess the quality of our repaired photo samples. We hope that our photo restoration examples will amaze you.

If you have already decided to choose exactly this old picture repairing company, it is high time for you to see our picture restoration prices. Rates for professional image restoration cannot be low due to a tremendous list of applied options. But remember that your photographed memories are still more valuable. They are too precious to be neglected.