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What do we need to fix a photo that has been spoilt because of ruthless years and awful people`s neglect? Certainly a lot of healing and repairing tools are used by photo manipulators to restore damaged photos and bring them to their former and already forgotten glory. Still this process of bringing antique photography to life is not a one-hour task. Fixing old photo may take up to several days in case it has severe damages on its surface.

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Thanks to up-to-date picture making equipment and technologies we are able to capture every moment of out activity as well as to cover the development of dearest and nearest. But still the main advantage of modern photos is that they are totally free from the tear and wear, because most of them are digital and those, which are printed, have photo paper of high quality. Unfortunately situation with antique prints is not so optimistic. Such images may be in need of antique photo restoration due to loss of photo tone and little details. Problems like mould, water of fire spots that obliterate all key details are also in the list of disappointing factors that may be eliminated by fixing old photo.

Still the most wide-spread imperfection concerning old photography is that such pictures may become curled over or wrinkled. In most cases when we are asked to fix old photos, antique images have such problems that at first sight may seem to be impossible to rescue with the help of photo repair services. If you have the same opinion, do not be quick with fast consequences. Our team that fix photos online can solve this wide-spread problem and make your treasures look modern and appealing.

To fix a photo, which is creased or curled over our experts need to provide a certain range of repairing options. They are considerably effective in the process of flattening all curled edges or even the whole photography. Many people do not trust professional companies to fix photos online and try to conduct experiments to straighten pictures at home. On the internet you may find many tutorials that guarantee to fix a photo that is rolled. You may be advised instead of choosing professional fixing old photo to put it into a thick book or even to press it with an iron. Do you believe that these home-made methods are more effective than fixing old photo by experts? The only thing you may be confident in is that such advice will definitely spoil the original variant of your antique photography. So, the best thing you can select is to let professional picture manipulators to fix old photos.

If we are ordered to fix photos online that are rolled or have unappealing borders, the first step to restore photograph of this kind is to make a high quality copy. That will save the original variant of antique print from various experiments that may go wrong and enable our editors to create several variants of one and the same image.

If a photo has too light or spoilt borders, we will start with cleaning up the picture border. That becomes possible by creating new photo layers with clean area. In case we are asked to fix old photos with damaged borders the best variant will be to crop them. Cropping old images is a wide-spread technique every time we need to fix photos online. Usually the deleted areas are small. Thus, you will not feel the crucial difference between original and restored variant, as essential photo details will be preserved.

Straightening old pictures is also popular repairing option. As we have mention, every time we need to fix a photo we do a digital copy. So the problem of rolled images is solved in this way. If you want to rescue original antique print, it means that you not need to fix old photos with online programs. That is a manual work provided by our outstanding experts. However you may choose digital repairing. In this case in the end you will be able to get two variants, one digital and one printed. A true magic, isn`t it?

Fixing old photo with photo restoration company

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What to find a retouching company for permanent collaboration? Stop your searchers! You have already found it. We are open to new clients thirsty for getting only professional photo restoration services that always brings results of outstanding quality.

All our repairing services can be divided into photo reconstruction, antique picture restoring and retouching old photos. All these three branches have a certain number of used options in order to impress our customers with awesome photo restoration examples. Concerning reconstructing images with severe damages on key details or even photos that are torn into pieces, we apply the most advanced options. We are able to reconstruct even missing parts. A truly amazing process.

Image restoration is not less interesting and as a result time-consuming. Here we may boast about the great number of used techniques starting with scratchers` removal to deleting spots. We also may colorize old photos online as well as enlarge old photos. Thus the final images will be just excellent for being presented to relatives or friends. Here the most popular is to enlarge old black and white photo. That is so, because the age of B&W picture their size was smaller than in modern photography.

Our photo enhancement service concerning antique picture editing contains almost the same options as common retouching modern photography. Our photo manipulators also deal with laborious portrait editing, impressive background enhancing and various creative photo manipulators. After our services, your antique images will look not less beautiful than modern pictures.

Our team has won popularity due to not only high-quality services, but also thanks to our enthusiasm and readiness to work hard. Only we will treat every old picture in such a brilliant way. We will do everything that is possible to turn your photos into masterpieces that are worth definite praise.

And the last advantage that still plays the most prominent role is our picture restoration prices. We have very modest rates and this fact lures customers to try our services. Although antique photo restoration is truly laborious with a wide range of sophisticated repairing techniques, we will not frighten our clients with sky-high prices. So, without any fears trust your old treasures to us and enjoy the renewed beauty again!