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Photo restoration examples

What do you know about professional and amazing before and after photo restoration? Is your knowledge of antique photo restoration profound enough to choose exactly the needed repairing services that will meet all your demands? If you are still hopelessly hesitating, this description of various levels of photo repair services is just for you. We are confident that after it, you will not be at a loss when it comes to selecting exactly perfect repairing service to achieve photo restoration before and after of just the highest quality.

Standard Photo Restoration Examples:US $25.00 per picture

Premium Photo Restoration Examples:US $35.00 per picture

Extreme Photo Restoration Examples:US $50.00 per picture

In general picture restoration according to the number and choice of digital options may be divided into three levels, which are Standard, Premium and Extended. On our website you will have a brilliant opportunity to assess photo restoration samples of every mentioned level. But before it, we advise you to read general descriptions of each restoration level. And only then before and after photo restoration will become a pleasant bonus for you. So, what distinctive features can be named about each level of antique picture saving?

Standard Photo Restoration Level

The first level is believed both to be the most common and the cheapest one. The definite price for one saved image is just $25. A number of provided repairing options can satisfy that standard minimum of clients` demands. In most cases we fix old photos that have little scratches or imperfects that can be easily eliminated. So, what age photo problems can be masked if your choice is Standard Restoration level?

  • Little tears and scratches deleting. This problem is so common that it is the most straightforward imperfect to be masked. Healing brush and modern Clone brush guarantee successful photo restoration before and after. Besides, it is not as time-taking as missing pieces restoration, which is also a part of Standard level of restoration. 
  • Removing “sepia” effect and well as yellow/dull picture correction also may contribute to the achieving awesome photo restoration examples. After this service antique images look brighter and definitely fresher. Make sure that not a single imperfection will disturb your attention. 
  • We may also do a significant image colorizing. Every time photo manipulators from this team are ordered to colorize old photos online, they try to make all tones and shadows as natural as possible. Editors can also colorize B&W old pictures, if a customer wants so. But still in most cases clients leave such photography without being colorized in order to preserve its definite charm.
  • All options concerning portrait editing are also provided in case of choosing this level. Definitely after them photo restoration samples look alluring. The most popular ones are skin imperfects masking and teeth whitening. Still that is not the limit of photo enhancement service.
  • Leveling and cropping are also in the long list of Standard photo restoration options. Remember that damaged borders should not be visible in professional photo restoration before and after. 

Premium Photo Restoration Level

If you still have not found all necessary old photo repairing techniques, look through the second level of restoration. It makes photo restoration examples look also impressive, the only difference is that here photo manipulators deal with deeper degrees of picture damages. Rates will be also a little higher, as for one saved image you will have to pay $35. So, what options ensure getting outstanding photo restoration samples saved according to all rules of Premium restoration level? 

  • For sure all previously described repairing techniques that form Standard level are also applied there. The difference between levels lies in the degree of damages and several additional options.
  • Like the simplest level, Premium level mask scratches, but of medium size. It means that they are deeper, so healing and clone brushes only will not guarantee perfect before and after photo restoration. 
  • Old photo coloring or working with fade pictures is key task for this level of restoration. Skilled and truly enthusiastic photo manipulators can restore photograph by improving its colors. That will give a fresh look to it. Colorizing black and white image is also popular as well as their further enlarging. Extremely often we are asked to enlarge old black and white photo as their size do not satisfy demands of contemporary customers. 
  • Concerning additional options that guarantee photo restoration examples of amazing beauty, leadership is hold by restoration of worn or torn picture edges. Picture edges are the first to suffer from improper keeping conditions and age, but this problem is easy to be solved.
  • Old photo merging is also essential in this level. Just imagine how wonderful it is to create one repaired and modern looking photo out from two damaged pictures.
  • Thorough edit of every old photo details helps photo manipulators to mesmerize customers with brilliant photo restoration before and after. During the process of repairing antique photography every tine detail is of significance importance and we remember about it. 

Extreme Photo Restoration Level

The most advanced one is Extensive photo restoration. Although it is the most expensive kind of repairing (per one ready image you will pay $50), our photo manipulators are often asked to provide photo reconstruction of this level. It includes:

  • The basis is standard restoration with all included options. 
  • Photo merging that enables to get breath-taking photo restoration samples only. 
  • Detailed antique photo colouring is also in the list of leaders among offered techniques. 
  • On this level our picture manipulators will restore damaged photos with the deepest and the biggest scratches/cracks usually on key photo details such as face. 
  • Very often old images can have large missing parts or be torn into pieces. This problem can be easily solved only on Extensive level. 
  • Combination of various parts of the picture. Without these options pictures with extreme damages will not be presented among outstanding photo restoration examples on our website. 

Photo restoration before and after 

 After description enjoy before and after photo restoration on our website to make sure about your choice. All of them are done with awesome quality and impressively quickly. In order to notice every detail that has been repaired our recommendation is to assess the original variant of picture and only after that start admiring an outcome. 

Almost all services that are provided by these skillful editors have been described below. Concerning old photo restoration we can easily remove all disappointing spots and cracks from water, fire, mold and other factors. Colors will be also done in a natural way but still not less beautiful.

Photo enhancement service contains all common retouching old photos techniques as modern editing. Be sure that photographed people in antique pictures also require skin smoothing, effective teeth whitening and so on. After all options will be applied, we will enlarge old photos to turn them into presents.

If some of your questions concerning picture restoration are still without answer, contact our managers. Think thoroughly before choosing one level of restoration. Before you do it, assess the original quality of your picture that requires repairing and notice all problems that are needed to be masked. Then compare your list with those you see above. That may help you with selecting perfect restoration level. All of them have modest picture restoration prices, but it does not influence the final restoration sample. So try it!