Damaged Photo Restoration

Premium Photo Restoration Level

Everybody knows the real value of picture restoration and what benefits it may bring. But still all antique images vary greatly due to degrees of disappointing damages and drawbacks that are visible on picture surface. That is why our editing company, in order to hold undeniable leadership and satisfy every client`s demand, has organized all photo repair services into three large groups or levels of old picture restoration. That is able to alleviate the choice of necessary digital healing tools and effective options that will be the most beneficial for your old photography. 

Three levels, which are Standard, Premium, and Extensive, deal with various types of photos. The Medium or Premium level is mainly applied to old images with middle-size visible age drawbacks. This type of antique photo restoration is able to repair those pictures that have suffered not only from ruthless time, but from people`s neglect or awful keeping conditions. Below you will see the whole list of possible restoring techniques at this specific level.

“Standard restoration”

Premium photo repairing includes eliminating all age drawbacks that can be solved by Standard picture restoration together with some additional problems. This “standard repairing” consists of removing common for old pictures “sepia” effect, yellow or dull photo correction ( that includes mainly light improving and contrast adjusting), missing photo pieces restoration ( still these missing areas may be bigger than in Standard level of repairing) and surely removing all water damages, such as stains, for instance.

Removal of cracks and medium size scratches

In case your antique photography has some tiny imperfects as tears or scratches, you are in need of Standard level of picture saving, but if these age or neglect drawbacks cannot be named as “tiny”, Premium restoring is just you should ask for. For eliminating these wide-spread imperfects our highly trained and definitely enthusiastic photo manipulators will use modern Photoshop tools as Healing brush and Clone Tool. Here the amount of repairing work is bigger, but still this issue is truly straightforward to fight against. With our professional help your antique images will be perfect and fresh looking again.

Restoring the colour of the photo

Picture colours and tones certainly contribute to the general viewer`s impression. They must be bright and juicy in order to make a photo eye-candy to people. All antique pictures have extreme problems with right colouring and with years this trouble becomes more and more visible. Thus, every time we receive a new order to restore photograph, we are more than sure that photo colouring will be in the list of applied options. For this reason we have mastered these specific repairing skills to the highest possible level. There is nothing easier than to colorize old photos online with our unsurpassed team.

Professional B&W photos colouring

This option has much in common with previously mentioned one, but still it is considered to be more complicated. The main difficulty is that photo manipulators do not see original colours like in colourful old images. That is why we have to gather all skills and talents to make the final photo appealing and, that is the most important, naturally looking. After this we are often asked to enlarge old black and white photo that we have colorized.

Thorough retouch of a tiny detail

Usually a lot of old image drawbacks are not visible to naked eyes, but still we may notice all of them after scanning or printing. That is why these are little details that are of the extreme need to be eliminated. Our trained team provides effective photo enhancement service, with the help of which we deal with teeth brightening/ whitening, skin airbrushing/ smoothing, skin imperfects eliminating ( here we may include wrinkle/acne/blemish/scars removal and so on). This really tiring work ensures us that after we enlarge old photos that we have repaired not a single age or appearance drawback can be noticed.

Photo merging

This option is quite useful when people ask to fix old photos in order to present them further for their colleagues, relatives or close friends. Very often they have a wish to merge two or even more antique images to get one unsurpassed photo sample that will be even more creative or original than a raw variant.

Worn/torn edges restoration

That is a problem that can spoil even the most mesmerizing photography. We should admit that edges suffer the most from time and keeping conditions. That is why our photo editors have perfected this skill to restore damaged photos on a professional level. Do not be afraid that after picture cropping they will lose in quality and size. Our retouchers are real masters in this laborious, but so important sphere.

You should choose our unrivalled company! Why?

The main reason for choosing us as an editing company to repair your photography is our considerable experience. For many years we have been mastering our restoring skills in order to be able to use up-to-date digital photo enhancing services. Our dedicated photo manipulators will do everything for your satisfaction with photo outcomes. 

To make sure in our unequalled professionalism and awesome quality, enjoy wonderful photo restoration examples on our web page. Moreover, that will help you to understand what each level of repairing consists of. 

Our picture manipulators are truly enthusiastic with their image restoring work. Thus, we may offer to you a long range of all possible old pictures repairing services from common picture restoration to advanced photo reconstruction. In addition to this, you may ask for professional retouching old photos as that will also contribute to the general beauty of saved photography. 

All these benefits you will get without paying an extreme amount of money. Our picture restoration prices will amaze you, as they are reasonable low and truly pocket-friendly. Our rates are the cheapest concerning an impressive quality of picture outcomes. So, are you still hesitating about choosing a brilliant photo restoring company?