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The most shocking historical photos

Do you love the feeling of tingling on the skin or when you breathe away? Horror movies become more and more popular, and in all times people loved scary stories about unknown and obscure for human perception. That is why all most use photo restoration services  that people want to know what is happening in their old photographs, a Ghost or just a defect in the photo? As this topic is very popular in recent years, we also decided to find out what really scares us at the shocking photos from the past.

Think if you really want to see photos of which are below. These photos became the top of the tabloids due to its unusualness and horror stories. These photos were taken a second before or after the horrific events that indicate death or of people on their deathbed. Advise children and people with weak mentality to refrain from viewing our top shocking historical photos.

Top weird historical photos

1. Jonestown, from the height of bird flight


Case which became famous under the name of "Revolutionary suicide." The tragedy that occurred in the city of Jonestown. About a thousand Americans who were in a religious sect, committed suicide.

2. Fatally beautiful


Pictures of dead relatives in the 19th and 20th century seemed normal for the people of Europe and America. Here's how this example, the man was photographed with his wife on day 2 after her death, the cause of which until today remained unknown.

3. And how do you represent your home?


One of the most shocking photos from the past that we saw. It's terrible in its history. After all, this little Polish girl has experienced the worst thing in life is the war and the concentration camp. Then she had a long rehabilitation, but still continued to draw the house like this.

4. A second before


A terrible incident that happened in New York metro with 58 year old man from Quinsy. After a few seconds he was already dead. According to information, he was sent to the track  as a watchmaker.

5. To die beautifully


This case is called the most beauteous suicide in the whole world. Evelyn McHale at the age of 23 committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the Empire State Building. Her body was spotted on a limousine belonging to the UN.

6. The eruption of the volcano 


Colombia in year 1985 there was a tragedy. Young girl was the prey of the  volcano eruption. After the tragedy, young woman 3 days was in the water and the concrete. She died after making this photo.

7. Safety first


This car crash happened in 1945 as a the consequence of driving at high speeds without fastened the seat belt.

8. The Vampire Diaries


Recognized the worst girl of 19th century. Mrs. Violet from Edinburgh, which frightened all the locals were separated from the proverbial vampire lair in the United Kingdom. 

9. Find new way


John Torrington and his team decided to find the legendary North-West passage to help faster make tour between North America and Asia. However, after the disaster with the ship, they had to go to Canada by walking. No one survived; the corpse of John was buried on the way.

10. The effects of fire


Unfounded/ without reason human combustion is one of the most mysterious things in the world. A person just light up, it is believed that the fire occurs inside a person. Here is a photo of one of these cases.

11. Mysterious Shadows


Maybe these are the historical photos you've never seen. Shadows of people caught up in the blast during bombing attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki remained for centuries in the memory and the photo.

12. Death live.


The stunning death of the controversial politician in Pennsylvania, in front of hundreds of thousands of people live. Budd Dwyer was accused with corruption. In January 1988, he held a press session in Harrisburg where he committed suicide with a help of revolver in front of all journalists.

Okay, if you think that it was awful, so be ready to see other historical photos that will leave you speechless.

Throughout history, man has always sought for knowledge. From the moment man began to walk upright, he actively began to study everything new. Sometime later, people began to create things, which at that time was considered totally normal, but looking back on them today, these things get goose bumps. We offer you historical pictures of things from the past, some of which are used in medicine, some not so good, but all of them ethane the fact that they are creepy.

Top shocking historical photos



Remember the days of the Inquisition. Remember the story of how many women were accused of witchcraft and killed. Here's an example of how they were tortured and killed. A chair with spikes of the 18th century, created for the execution of witches, the death was caused from blood loss.



They say that poison is the weapon of women, and women were always smart and resourceful. Here's an example of a box with a poison, disguised as a book, 17th century.



The stand, designed for posthumous shooting people, which was very common in the Victorian era. Deceased was attached to the stand and in the pictures looked like alive. These photos were made in memory of a dearly departed relative.


This photograph is post-mortem was done by means of the stand described above.



About witches we remembered, and how well vampires? They also tried to find and kill people who were considered weird and look like vampires. Here's a real amazing historical photo and not a frame of film. Set to hunt the vampires, 19th century. 



We also can't forget to mention the circus. Was popular back in the show freaks like the bearded woman and other. So here's a wonderful photo restoration sample  of a vintage photograph of a performance freak from a freak show.

So, do you want more weird historical photos? We have a lot of such photos, but are you still sure, that you will want to see them? If yes, read below.

Top historical photos that will leave you speechless

1. Dead diver


Looking at this photo, you will not see anything terrible. But pay attention to the background. The fallen diver. But rather dead. So after killing his wife during a dive, the man could not have imagined such a perfect plan ruin a simple photo.

2. Freddy Krueger


We all remember the horror film "a Nightmare on Elm Street"? Where the main character and ruthless killer was Freddy Krueger. So the man in this photo is incredibly similar to him, and what adds to the horror in this photo, the fact that it was made long before there was a film.

3. Possessed


A mysterious girl, who has aroused the whole world with her image. It remains unknown made this photo using Photoshop or this girl possessed by the devil. One thing we know for sure, so you arch your neck is impossible.

4. Mysterious Body


I think this photo is one of the most terrible historical photos that will leave you speechless. A family photo is always unforgettable moments. Usually hear the laughter and the fun while shooting these photos. But not in this case. This family is making a family picture, got an incredible shock. The body that is likely a long time kept in the attic fell at the moment of shooting the photo. It is terrible to imagine the horror experienced by the family in the picture.

5. Wedding is the happiest event


Wedding is the happiest in people's lives. This is the beginning of a new life. For brides, this event will forever remain in memory, but for this particular bride it will not be happy. As we can see in the photo, while with one side of the building comes marriage ceremony, behind the backs of people is a religious cult in a scary costumes. Given how much is happening of terrorist acts on a religious look, we can only hope and believe that with the wedding and all was well.

6. The Amityville Horror


Okay, do you want to see something really terrible?  This photo is in the same time awful and one of the most amazing historical photos. Not even knowing where was this photo taken, it will still be terrible. This photo was taken in the most famous haunted house in Amityville. This is a terrible story known to almost all people. Still some debate about what this picture is real or Photoshop. But the fact is that the famous pair of wrestlers with the paranormal Lorraine and Ed Warren, who made this picture when the house was empty, did not want to return to this house.

7. Demon in the hospital


I think that so exciting and shocking historical photos you've never seen. We've all seen movies and advertising of movies about demons. From childhood in the Church we are warned not to sin and not be sophisticated. But do you believe in it? Here is an example of really awful and inexplicable. The monitor of nurse was seen an unknown black figure over the patient in the one hospital, shortly after this the patient died. Whether to believe in such a coincidence is your case.

8. The Ghost from Oak Grove


Do you want to see more shocking photos from the past? Okay, here is Ghost Bridge is one of the most mystical places in Kentucky. According to legend, the Ghost of that poor woman was murdered by her husband throw off a bridge in 1960. According to legend, there are also certain days and circumstances with which you will be able to meet her Ghost on this bridge.

9. The Ghost at The Waverly Hills Sanitarium



One more weird historical photo. And again Kentucky. Welcome to Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It was a sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis. The truth is treated here only with the help of sunlight and fresh air. There is a version that about 8,000 bodies have been carelessly dumped in the tray and taken out of the hospital that patients did not know the number of deaths. But after opening the medicines against tuberculosis sanatorium was closed, but as they say many people bitch and moan there did not cease a lot restless dead souls wandering the halls. As in this photo, the Ghost of a young nurse Mary Lee, who also contracted tuberculosis and bore an illegitimate child from one doctor, she committed suicide in room 502 and since then does not leave the walls of the hospital.

10. White Lade in the Haigh Hall


As you know the most amazing historical photos are photos of ghosts. So the White Lady of High Hall is no exception. According to legend, this Lady Bradshaw Mabel, wife of Knight William Bradshaw. Which at the time was forced to leave his native land, as he was accused of involvement in a rebellion against the Earl Lancaster. Lady Bradshaw for many years knew nothing about her husband and shortly remarried. But one day Mr. Bradley back and out of jealousy killed her new husband, and soon to re-fight because of jealousy died. Since then, Miss Mabel went six miles every day to the stone monument near the North wall. There often and meet her Ghost. She was not an evil woman, but her Ghost still terrifies all who see him.

The unknown scares us. But is it really as scary as it seems? What do you think about these photos? Of course, on the Internet you can find a lot of historical photos you've never seen. But still we advise you to look for these photos in your personal archive and also in your family and friends archive, such photos are treasure. With them, you can incredibly glorified and learn a lot about the world in which we actually live. And we can help you with this, if suddenly the photo will be damaged or you want to make them colored, we would help you to restore them, our photo restoration prices  you will find on our blog. You can also find information Where to find restoring old photographs in Photoshop services. Here   After such horror article we advise you to read other article that will be give you a good mood, it is Top funny old photographs. We wish you good luck and of course to meet such horrors just on the photo!

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