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Most famous photographs and the history behind them

Photographs of some important events become most famous historical photographs. They are known to a great amount of people, they become a part of the culture. Those are photos of people, UFOs, ghosts and so on. Of course there are a lot of pictures with stories behind them that were done at the time of the World War II. Pictures allow people a possibility to believe in something or to deny it, they prove that things we were taught were true. And unfortunately because of the time line many of them were damaged. But technologies now allow us fix everything in images so photo restoration services are of high demand these days. 

Mysteries and dangers behind the images

If you are willing to, you may click at a couple of web pages and you will see young famous people right on your screen! There are a lot of videos like this.

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Every picture of the World War the Second is a masterpiece of its kind because they were taken in incredibly dangerous situations that may seem unreal to us now by military photo shooters. But each such famous photographs that tell a story give us an incredible amount of information about the time and laws that were legal at some periods. Thanks to their courage, we now got these real and terrifying in most cases images of the war. For example, one of the most known shots of the WWII in Eastern Europe is called The Combat. Is may be just as familiar to people as a photo of the banner of the Victory waving over the Reichstag. Its author’s name is Max Alpert and his picture shows us a political officer Alexey Yeremenko who was calling out to the soldiers to start the attack. The Combat became one of the most famous photos of all time in the whole world after the people found out that Yeremenko died just several seconds after the shot was done.


 There is this picture taken in 1934 taken by Heinrich Hoffman on which Hitler is captures celebrating the win of his Nazi party. His face and name are nowadays known to everyone and to imagine his joy is creeping everyone out. There’s no doubt that Hitler only achieved this much power because he managed to gather a community that believed in his ideas. Despite the terror of those ideas, the picture looks well with the leader right in the center, triumphantly going up as his soldiers encircle him and give him way.

Beauty of the ignorance and intelligence


Collecting materials about the war between Afghan and Soviet, a photographer of National Geographic called Steve McCurry made a picture of an Afghan girl. Seventeen years after that he found out her name is Sharbat Gula and that at the time of the photograph making she was approximately twelve years old! This shot of a frightened beautiful girl who wanted to escape in 1985 with her eyes wide open became National Geographic’s cover and therefore one of the photos with meaning behind them and fame at the same time. After some time period it also acquired a symbolical meaning, a very powerful one, reminding of this conflict with Afghanistan and of the pain and suffering of the refugees’. The shot is now called the “Afghan Mona Lisa” and in January 2002 a team with Steve McCurry as a leader went to the Afghanistan to find this girl. She was after all found by the same National Geographic’s team in a remote part of a county in the age about thirty years, because she herself could not remember the exact age. She only saw her portrait in 2003 and she could not even imagine the excitement it brought up in such large audience.


The day when the most famous photographs of Einstein was taken, he turned seventy-two years old! This happened on the 14.03.1951. Just imagine! He was asked to be photographed by literally every second newspaper even harassed by dome of them, so he was understandably tired and predictably annoyed. He was coming out of the Princeton University with his wife and Dr. Adelita. The three of them went into the car after the long celebration of the genius’s birthday in Princeton. One of the last shooters in line, Arthur Sasse, first stood aside and just waited for the others to go away and then he begged Einstein to smile just a little bit for the birthday card while Einstein was already sitting in the car. But instead of giving a smile, his creative mind gave him this idea to put out his tongue. Besides the fact that later that exact original photograph was sold, in 2009, at an auction for more than seventy-four thousand dollars, it truly filled the place of another one of the most famous historical photographs, moreover, it became legendary as it was too original for the time. Arthur Sasse had many doubts about publishing this photo in his editorial office, but after all it was released. And the genius just fell in love with the shot of him, his tongue out, on the front page. He copied this picture and send them as postcards to his friends. And one year before he passed away, he told to one of those friends, that this gesture was addressed to all mankind!


Conflicts that were put into images

Among photos with meaning behind them, there’s also a photograph of an officer with a gun aimed to the head of an Asian man in handcuffs. Of course, many felt for this executed man, but few actually knew the story. It is not so obvious and way crueler, than you could expect. The shot man was a leader of the group of warriors, who wanted to take revenge on Americans from Vietnam. And the handcuffed man had shot many people earlier that day himself, notably that he shot innocent people. This picture acquired the Pulitzer prize in 1969, and this is not surprising, because this is one of the pictures with stories behind them. And the second story concerns the general who is holding the gun on the left. He was also Vietnamese and he had a very difficult past: there was this time, when he was refused to a hospital while in great need of the treat and medicine, then, after he moved to the USA, he was unwelcomely met with a massive campaign that wanted foreign people to be deported. When he opened a restaurant, Virginian people attacked it every single day over and over. He was harassed be a statement, that everyone knew, who he really was. There were a lot of shootings during the wars and conflicts like this one, and there is always a great story behind. 

Malcolm Brown, a photo shooter in Associated Press from New York, was once called and asked to visit a Saigon’s certain crossroad the following morning. Something was about to happen there, notably something important. He did it, and he arrived with a New York Times reporter in order not to miss any detail. After a short period of time, a car approached the crossroad and several Buddhist monks went out of it. One of them was called Thick Quang Duc. He sat in the lotus pose just in the middle of the street with a box of matches in his hand. The other monks were pouring him with gasoline until he lit a match and became a torch being burned alive. People who saw it on the street were crying and shouting while he just sat there speechlessly. He made no noise, no move, just sat there. This happened because Thick Quang Duc had written a letter to the leader of the Vietnam government of that time kindly asking him to stop repressions towards Buddhists, stop taking monks in and simply let them believe what they believe and tell others about it. In other words, he was asking for a rightfully human right to practice their religion. He, of course, did not get any kind of answer, which is why the photographs of him burning alive is now of that kind of photos with meaning behind them of the greatest value.


One of the most unprecedented tragedies of the twenty-first century is the terrorist attack on 11.09. Several planes were taken over by terrorists and one of them crashed into one of the world famous twin towers. Suicide bombers hijacked Airlines which lead to the death of more than three thousand people and even more were hurt very much. As we all know, some of most famous photos of all time contain shots of the collapsed towers. The burning inside of them continued for the ninety-nine days before the fire was completely extinguished with the smoldering. The total sum of the damage made about $36 billion! 9.11.2017 it will be 16 years after the terroristic act happened. Besides Americans, there were people from ninety-two countries among the injured. People will never forget such a shocking event and they constantly make videos to remind the others the importance of the peace, for instance, this one. The victims, scared to die because of the fire and smoke, jumped out of the windows. One of such persons was captured by a Richard Drew and now such pictures with stories behind them like “The Fall” can be seen everywhere. 

The story of a world fame

The famous Beatles picture on which they are crossing the road was taken in August of the 1969. They had to hire a policeman so he would stop the traffic, while the photographer was climbing up a ladder and making shoots. He after all managed to capture the moment when everyone from the band had his legs spread like a letter V – which was the idea initially. In order to took it they had after some time to let cars go and then to go on trying until it was a success. Now this photograph is undoubtedly one of the most famous historical photographs in the music culture and the zebra-stripe crosswalk became one of the most popular fans’ places. To tell the truth, the first title was supposed to be Everest and they had this plan to go to Himalayas for the shooting. But they actually had neither money nor time for this because it was a long journey. They could neither feel the desire to travel on such distance. It was Paul McCartney himself who said “Why not do it on an ordinary street?”. So he within no time drew a first draft of the idea of the future cover on a sheet of paper. It was approximately that period of time when Yoko Ono and John Lennon made an accord of shooting with her friend Ian Macmillan. At the time Ian was almost a stranger to the world of photography – he has just graduated from high school. After that year, 1954, there was a time when he worked in a small company as a manager’s apprentice. In early 1960 he finally became a photo shooter and his works started to be printed and recognized in the English press. Eventually, he became friends with Yoko Ono in the mid-sixties and in her turn, she introduced Ian Macmillan to John Lennon.


Hope and learning from images

Among other famous photographs that tell a story, there is a Breakfast at the Top of a Skyscraper. It was taken in the 1932. You may see some people calmly sharing a meal despite that they have at least two hundred fifty meters down to the ground underneath them. And you can clearly notice that there is nothing you can hold to in order to stay on this metal beam. If you remember the USA’s story, that was a crisis period, even depression one. And from the shot we can get this deep symbolism that despite every trouble, people had a lot of ambition, and they were waiting things to get better and they were ready to do something for it. 

There are some most famous photographs that just remind you things you are not allowed to forget in order to prevent such events from happening once again. We should learn from our mistakes and one of such mistakes was the atomic bombing in Japan, the names that you all heard – Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We cannot undone all the harm that was brought to the country land, although we can undone harm, that could be done to our oldest pictures and photographs, and our photo restoration samples are to help you choose whatever you need to be done to your torn apart or scratched photo. If you wish we shall bring it color and give it totally new life for your joy and inspiration.


Popularity on and behind the scene

It is hard not to mention the famous Marilyn Monroe and her own most famous photos of all time. One of those was taken in September 1954 when she was filming in a movie. This happened in New York. There were more than a thousand of fans, journalists, people, who did know, what was going on. And a professional shooter Matty Zimmerman from Associated Press was present there as well, he was the one, who took the picture of the Monroe with her skirt going up from the wind. Her husband Joe DiMaggio though felt strongly about this because of his jealousy and in the night, fighting with the wife about it, he hit her. This was the reason why three weeks later she filed the divorce petition. Which is kind of sad, because they only got married in January 1954 and the marriage only lasted for nine months. Although Joe went on helping Marilyn when she had a new divorce and a nervous breakdown, and he was the one who organized her funeral after all even though she was in love with John Kennedy and she cheated on him more than once. Anyway, this exact Zimmerman’s portrait of the star though became one more reason of her world spread popularity and becoming a sex symbol.


Maybe, your parents had some hot pin up style photographs as well? The chance that they look just as good as in old times is low, so look at our photo restoration prices – we do not ask much for the process of the changing something old to its better version: without scratches, even, beautiful, deep black and white, or, if you please, we add colours you think are suitable. We take care of old photos, new photos, images of different styles. In case you worry this cannot be done, just study our article about coloring old photographs, and you will see, that we’re more than capable of it. We will give you a hand when you are in need of the deep post processing because there is damage. Damage is undoubtedly upsetting, but it is no reason to give up, as we will give you amazing shining photographs that shall seem alive to everyone who looks at them. This is our profession which makes our profit, so in the restoration we have no right to make a mistake.


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