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Photo Competition From Damagedphotorestoration Company

So today we announce the best Photo competition from Damaged photo restoration company among all digital photography contests! Thanks to it, photographers and retouchers will be able to show their skills, and the fact that almost any photograph can be repaired by processing. Wait, and you will see everything for yourself.  Some of the photo restoration samples are available now. Check it on our photo contest websites.

Why Does It So Important To Restore Photography?

The first photograph was taken in eighteen twenty two, which unfortunately had been lost. Therefore, another photograph that was taken in eighteen twenty six and it is considered as the first one.   


Since that time everybody has started taking pictures: photos of people, photos of houses, buildings, photos of pets and flowers, trees. Just think about the cultural significance of photography. Let's imagine that a structure was photographed century ago and then destroyed. The building is ruined, but there are pictures of it, so we can restore the building with the help of the photos. Isn’t it a miracle? Just like the fact that we can make old pictures look so good even better than new ones? Photos are our memories. So it's so important to keep them, restore them, because they help us to recreate the picture of our past.

Have you ever heard the phrase "There's no future without the past"?  The meaning is very simple: remember your ancestors. Remember your past. Remember where you come from. 

For sure, every family has old photo albums of their grandmother and grandfather, or even photos of their great-grandparents. When you look at these pictures for the first time, you probably hold your breath as it's very exciting to look at pictures that go that far back. 


It was different then. 

Apparently, seeing your ancestors as young girls or boys or even children is amazing! You can be surprised to find out that you looked exactly like them when you were at that age. Or maybe you look the same now. You may have the same eyes, same nose and lips: the same smile or hair – all together or just partially. Be sure this is not uncommon. Many people realize looking at photo of their relatives that they are the certain copy of them. It is possible you look alike you uncle or aunt.  

The truth is, since these pictures are very old, they're stained, worn, ripped or otherwise spoiled. Time damaged them anyway.  But don't you want to keep these pictures and show them your children, and then your children show these photos their children? And then it becomes a tradition to pass them from generation to generation? Knowing and remembering your roots is very important. Children at school are given the task to draw their family tree for a good reason. Teachers all over the world do that!

So you have to know how do your ancestors look like and who are they.  

How Can I Take Part In The Competition?

Everyone can participate and follow the photo contest websites, the requirements are very simple. All you need is one black and white photo that needs to be colorized in different styles.


There is no restriction in choosing style; it is all up to you. Show your creativity, skill and fantasy! And diligence as well. The results will be announced on the 31st of August 2017.


The contest is prolonged until the 28th of February 2018 because of the small number of competitors.
The best works will be presented in the next article, along with links to photographers or retouchers and their portfolios. If you're new in it, don't miss this chance to show yourself! And for experienced people in this area, we can only say that obviously good reviews and advertisement are never superfluous. Here is our example of restoration of an old photo.


Hope you like it, but try to do it even better and win in our digital photography contests.

If you are not a photographer or a retoucher, but you are interested in this topic and photography contests with cash prizes, and you would like to try yourself in this thing, you will find useful information and piece of advice about how to do this, in Gear you need to start retouching old photographs. Who knows what is going to happen, you may have a knack for this business, so do not hesitate and try yourself in different areas of work.

It's amazing how old photos get a new life — the images of your loved ones are vivid, bright and beautiful.

If you want to restore your photos, please contact our photo restoration services. We are always happy to help you and make your photos look better, and even try yourself in cash prize photo contests!

A Gift For The Whole Kin

Just think about it: how nice it will be if you present your grandparents album with their pictures as a gift. And not just their old photos, but beautiful brand new photos from the past. Sounds like a pretty good thing.

You can make a whole album of your kin, starting with the oldest photos and supplement it with new images of every new generation. That's the inheritance! It would be a real heirloom. In addition to the usual photo album, it is certainly best to store copies of the photographs electronically. You can use Cloud or Google Drive or something else. 

As our life is not so predictable, who knows what can happen? The album may even be lost during the moving from one house to another. Plus, having electronic copies gives you a possibility to send them to all your relatives. At the same time, you may start a great tradition in your family: gather together for the holidays, or on a specific day that you choose, and look at these photos and tell each other stories remembering your ancestors. 


Restoring photos requires very careful and painstaking work, and what is most important, time. A lot of time if this is a high-quality job. That's why you should take part in our cash prize photography contest.

Please keep this in mind, when looking at photo restoration price. Look forward to your work! Just a friendly reminder: one black and white photo that nneds to be colorized. Use your imagination. Try to do your best in order to your work distinguishes from others in these digital photography contests. Do not be afraid of experimentation. You can send your works to


Believe in yourself and wait for results. It is never too late to set up something new.


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