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Some guesses about what Elvis Presley would look like today

Rock-n-roll, jazz, hippies – all of these things existed when he was alive. Of course he had an inner source of inspiration, but Elvis today would be genuinely driven by many modern concepts that exist. Postmodernism that likes questing the existence of the things we are used to consider in our lives would definitely be seen in his lyrics. My guess is that he would look more bright, more gothic to stand out, a bit like Marilyn Manson. He could use feminism issue to get on a dress or something to get more attention because now people are even more free and at the same time conservative about clothes than in his time. Scandalous look is a key to attention. Of course, how old would Elvis be if he was still alive and his probable new date of birth would matter. The upbringing methods evolve and change and he could be driven to something old as well and still look jazzy or like a hippie. There are a lot of his pictures from the concerts and shootings and they are quite old. That is why they might need photo restoration services and you can trust us that this is the thing we do best. If you are eager to remind yourself about this character that influenced music so much, just open this video and enjoy the looks.

Elvis age, if alive today, would matter very much. He always considered himself just an entertainer while he was called The King. He was of course at the pic of the rock music genre but he believed that the only person that can be called King is Jesus himself. It is a wise position to which people come as they grow up and gain new experience. The experience these days may differ absolutely from a Russia conservative society, where people still get beaten up for homosexuality, and in America, where people actually debate about feminism and white supremacism. Let’s imagine that he manages to be born and raised up now in a moderate family and he is a free spirit. I believe, that however how old would Elvis be if he was alive, he would try to indicate, that people are fighting with each other for the wrong reasons and that we are all rightful human beings.  


I also think that what Elvis would look like today would be something provocative in order to get attention and to make people actually notice him and listen to him. He inspired millions and he would teach us to be nice to each other, he would tell us, that only love and peace matter despite of the gender, race, sexual orientation and other things people get worried about. He was wise. He loved people and people loved him back. Of course, what would Elvis Presley look like today couldn’t be identical with the style that we remember, because that was a different time, but we all feel nostalgic. And in case you are getting nostalgic too, I suggest you read our article “Vintage pin-up photography” that could take you back to those times. There are also a lot of shootings in this style in our century and many videos that you can enjoy while listening to the good music, like this one.

Despite that he was involved into military service and could not sing at that period, he still looked for something bigger than ordinary human problems, he tried to show them the right direction. I guess no matter what Elvis would look like today, because he would continue to change people’s lives for the better, showing them all the giant amount of love in their hearts and towards each other. Undoubtedly, he had some obsessive habits like many musicians did. It is sad that the drugs were a part of his life, but we cannot disagree that there are many musicians who do not do drugs at all. Elvis today could be attracted to them as well, because of the romantisation that we can find in movies, articles, songs and so forth. There are teens now how believe that using drug is in some kind a romantic way of live and, of course, of a rock life, because of the musicians. 


We cannot know how would Presley respond to this world where technologies heal and kill at the same time more than ever. Elvis age if alive today would definitely spared a lot of experience, good and bad, and he would have the power to tell our children that drug users are actually not playing, and that they are really sick. It is a known fact, that children listen to the authorities from super stars and how old would Elvis be if he was alive does not matter, because he literally rocked the world. Children and teens would listen to him and believe him, at least a part of them.


Dying at forty-two in the twenty-first century is truly sad. While alive, he won three Grammys and this is amazing, this is truly inspiring. People adored him and followed his style. He had good taste. I guess how old would Elvis be if he was still alive would not alter his clothes style too much, because he knew how to present himself on stage and in the real life. He always put a lot of effort into his looks and into his suits and you can make sure of that if you watch this video

Although let’s talk openly about things. He was at the time dangerous as well as famous. During the life of the King he had it all: the millions of fans worldwide, dozens of insanely expensive cars, four airplanes, a beautiful wife Priscilla and daughter Lisa Marie. However, because of the drugs that the singer became addicted to while serving in the army, and the amount of other medications, Presley gradually began to deteriorate... His incredible popularity, absolute permissiveness and intoxicating substances gradually destroyed the mind of the idol of millions. Elvis gained a lot of extra weight, began to forget the words on the stage and to waste his money... This led him to break with his wife, which he repeatedly threatened over the phone. This might be not a very common fact from his life, but Presley was not a perfect person and definitely not a superhero. Elvis today would definitely have bad habits and character traits, the question is, how serious it could have gotten and how old would Elvis be if he was alive. 


The fame is power. And no matter what would Elvis Presley look like today, with such amount of power he could easily make people do bad things just as simply as good ones, because it all depend on the person’s mind, heart and soul. There are pictures where Elvis is already sick and addicted enough to notice it from the first sight. Of course they are old, but fans are ready to pay photo restoration prices to get the good opportunity of looking at their idol now, any time, although there are collectors, who like having an album with their idols somewhere near to look, to watch, to show to the friends and families. They are worried about their images being old, with stretches and so on, but everyone can make sure, that this is not a total disaster if they read our article “How to preserve old photographs”. Internet allows people watch his shows recorded and to imagine different things, but to be honest, he could turn out just as badly as he did no matter how old would Elvis be if he was alive. So there is little sense in supposing unrealistic things. Instead of becoming a musician, he could turn out to be a poet or a murderer in our century as far as we know.


There are more interesting facts about the star’s biography: his only daughter was married to the Mickle Jackson and to the Nicholas Cage. The famous people seem to stick together, but they do not always fit one another, to be honest. When The Beatles started to gain more popularity than Presley along with The Rolling Stones, Presley came up with a great successful idea of a TV special. So, he was quite creative nonetheless he was an addicted person.

You cannot know Elvis age if alive today, because he could have been born in 1995 or later and now he would still be a young adult only starting to win the audience or drinking in some dark corner. Either way, if you have some photographs you are afraid to lose and their do not look as good as you would love them to, check out our photo restoration samples and trust in the modern technology. No one knows how would Elvis turn out if he was only born now or how would he have changed if he was alive even now, but we surely can appreciate all the effort he put into his music right from his heart and keep those precious memories carefully, so that they could pass on to the next generations.


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